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Murder in the Cottonwoods - 2017TFF

Venue: Annex - Annex
Genre: Drama
Pearl Brown wants to turn herself in for murder, but nobody wants to hear the confession. Her old-fashioned hometown of Happerton is more concerned with maintaining illusions of innocence than confronting the dark murder of their prom queen, Tammy Somers. But when Pearl falls in love with Tammy's former boyfriend, Ricky Sanford, a romantic nightmare ensues. Murder in the Cottonwoods is hypnotic, funny, and terrifying. Past Praise of the Writer: "Colin Sharpe, whose sharp writing belies his short tenure... has found his voice." - Toronto Star "Colin Sharpe's semiotic presentation, was as brilliant as it was disarming." - Mooney On Theatre

Event Tags: Comedy
Warnings: Mature Language ,Sexual Content

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