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Bad Date: a cautionary tale - 2017TFF

Venue: Tarragon Theatre - Tarragon Extra Space
Genre: Comedy
Not to be missed, this racy, outrageous and daring modern musical comedy depicts one woman's hyper-honest perspective of a date gone wrong; filled with hilarious scenarios and candid "adult-content" song. When Aleks arrives disheveled at Molly's apartment, several hours late for their first date, Molly discovers she may be getting more than she bargained for whilst Aleks realizes Molly might be everything he's ever wanted. Will these two lonely 30-somethings discover they're destined to be together? Or will this late-night-date turned "booty-call" end up in a night they'll forever regret?

Event Tags: Musical Theatre
Warnings: Mature Language ,Sexual Content ,Smoking ,Nudity

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